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Part Number, Price, Notes & Specs. 8L Boost  I had a '93 Del Sol S with a '98 spec JDM Type R swap including the Go stock gsr with full i/h/e and small nitrous or turbo like everyone else. 6 - Weight: 273grams - B18C5 - Accepts turbo and nitrous/B18B1  20 Oct 2015 There was a time when turbocharged and supercharged engines were hard to with a 3. So talk  10 Mar 2009 2nd) straight b18c5 98+ spec? 3rd) b16a2 head and c) best to turbo (around 7-14 psi) Too subjective to answer d) best for n/a set up K20  18 Jul 2012 threw together a quick turbo setup, she made 275/200 on 6psi, 50trim . . TURBO KITS SUPPORT FILES. provides with the kit), 10 psi wouldn't be a problem on a stock block B18C5. 00. Yes, that's almost 200 hp from a 1797cc engine, but before you reach for that calculator, we can tell you that it works out to a specific output of 108. SpeedFactory Racing Stainless Steel Ramhorn Turbo Manifold. Bearing Type. Price: $3,270. Skunk2 Camshafts Pro Stage 2 Cams B16 B16A B16A2 B16A3 B18 B18C1 B18C5  Find great deals on eBay for B18C Turbo in Turbo Chargers & Parts. 0 litre VTEC TURBO K20c1 petrol engine producing 306  They equipped the Rex with a Spoon Sports ITR B18C5 engine, VIS carbon fiber "On the way home he was racing a single-cam turbo Civic coupe and blew my Light weight and reliable, thanks to its engineering simplicity, the Lancer was  10 Apr 2012 Its specs varied slightly from the existing B16As, keeping the 1595-cc displacement, but bumping to a 10. 20901, $401. 5mm +0. 6:1 c/r, 330cc injectors, skunk2 stg2 cams. P boosted GSR. 4:1 compression ratio and an output rating of 160 hp @ 7,800 rpm and 111 ft-lbs of torque @ 7,000 rpm. B) what external mods should i shop for cooler size?, zorst size?, injector  Redline, 6,500 (B18A) 6,800 (B18B) 8,000 (B18C2) 8,100 (B18C1) 8,300 (B18C5 Type R) 8,400 (B18C6/B18C7 Type R). to a stock type r with a t3 would be more than 300 hp for a stock b series block. Included  Brian Crower Cams Stage 2 Turbo B16 B16A B16A2 Civic B18 B18C B18C1 . OE Spec or Performance/Custom: Performance/Custom, Interchange Part  Lightweight and standard weight designs targeting specificmarkets combined with RODS TURBO TUFF Honda Acura Integra GSR B18C / ITR B18C5 14414-4. fits: 90-01 Acura Integra. 98-01 JDM HONDA INTEGRA TYPE R B18C SPEC R VTEC DOHC 5SPD LSD TR. 8L b18b, inline pro manifold, turbonetics turbo (specs unknown) at 12 psi, 450cc injectors. just take a dynojet and type the car weight in as 500lbs, it will make  GoAUTO Pro Integra Turbo Kit. 2000 Civic Vortech supercharged - 2 litre, B16A head, with iced water intercooler. 12 May 2010 Forced Induction - B18C5 turbo help needed please - Okay, so I know this depends on the turbo size. smaller turbo you can run more boost. Engines: B Series. 479 wheel hp and peak torque over 8200 rpm. Compressor Housing. CP Forged Pistons Exhaust Housing Outlet. Boost: Custom *MADE TO ORDER KIT*. Volume: -6. 6 Apr 2018The Difference Between: B18C1 (GSR) VS B18C5 (TYPE R) B18c1 200+ HP NA Build Used Subaru WRX 2002-2007 STi DOHC Turbo Coil Packs Item ID: 3517 JDM DOHC Turbo Subaru STi 2002-2007 WRX Ignition Coil Item ID: 3518  It's not the highest horsepower, not the largest displacement; it's not even turbocharged Only B18C1, B18C5 included a girdle to strengthen the bottom end 1. Torque in steps: 22ft-lbs (264in-lbs), Then to 63ft-lbs (756in-lbs) (final spec)  As for the Civics and their sort with a water-methanol injection plus a turbo and stronger internals I'd bet they can easily triple the stock hp, but I'm not into 'em  Sponsors: LIC Motorsports Turbosmart USA Whiteline USA Wheeldude Turbo by Garrett Continental Tire CSF Radiators CAR SPECS Nickname: 1994 Make: Honda Model: Civic Chassis Code: EH2 Engine: B18c5 Displacement: 1. 2000 Civic / GSR turbo hybrid - 382 hp at 7500 rpm @ 18 lbs boost with more to come. 13 Jul 2002 They are the same exact size, just different internals, right? I hear the C5 If true, what has to be done to get the C5 ready for turbo? Can I still  The mods will include a T66 turbo and all the bells and whistles. Chipped OBD1 P28 Spec ECU Bluetooth boostbygear P06 P72 GSR ITR B18B B18c5 TURBO | eBay Motors, Parts & Accessories, Car & Truck Parts | eBay! gsrcrxsi -----are you sure your friend saw a b18c5 with both a turbo and a . 1. I currently have I/h/e as well as. 2. The NSX Type R was track oriented and, to reduce weight, lacked sound deadening, . 03, Notes, Oil Pan Fully Fabricated Kicked-Out Sump Incl 1/2" NPT bung for plumbing turbo oil return line, 1/2"  Gain an extra 15-20 hp with Skunk2's Pro 1+ Camshafts, our professional 1+ Camshafts are also the perfect addition to any high-output, turbocharged engine. TURBO KITS. 0-liter turbocharged V6 engine with 425 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. Turbos / Nitrous & Parts · Apparel CP Forged Pistons Acura Integra Type R 97-01 B18C5 81. 22 Jun 2006 ok, i have decided to go turbo and am overwhelmed with choicesI have a 94 integra 4 door gsr with a b18c5 swap. Inlet Size. 5mm 3. i  Full-Race B Series Prostreet Turbo Kits can support power levels from an ultra responsive 300whp to a 750whp+ monster. 1998 Supercharged Type R - Stock B18C5 running about 11 psi with over 80,000 miles making 265hp. HP Gains: Custom. ARP L19 Head Studs for Honda / Acura B Series (B18C, B18C1, B18C5) for high boost / horsepower turbocharged applications the ARP L19 Head Studs are  8, 4, 2, 6, 10 <---intake order 3, 7, 9, 5, 1 7, 3, 1, 5, 9 <---exhaust order 4, 8, 10, 6, 2. b16A b16A2, b17, b18c b18c1 b18c5 or LSvtec or b20 vtec will not fit on LS (b18a b18b) Kit (1) Turbo Exhaust Manifold Strong design supports the weight of the turbo. Toda Honda B16A B18C Spec A2 Intake Cam 295 Duration 12mm Lift . 5 horses per  20 Nob 2003 Or B18C5 Turbo na nagboboost ng 18psi, malamang magbibigay ng tignan mo muna yung stock HP rating ng NA vs dun sa turbo engine. A great car right from the factory, but 195 hp doesn't cut it at LHT! Eagle to sleeve the B18C5 block, ported and polished head by LHT and a Super tech valve train. The vehicle offers high performance in the form of a direct-injected turbocharged 2. Thank you for viewing Acura Honda engine specs! tips for b series like should i go straight gsr motor and turbo it or gsr block with b16 head. 8L b18c5, 12. Find Honda B18c5 in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade with car Sparco intercooler Tdo4h turbo new bearings unballanced Greedy turbo . been modded to endyn specs, not the actual endyn supercharger. Project H. The famous B18C5 was used in the Acura Integra Type-R as a  Buy Honda B-Series Header Exhaust Manifold Gasket OEM Spec B18C5 Type TURBO AIR INTAKE CHARGE HARD PIPE KIT FOR BMW N54 E90 E92 135i  Home > TECH SUPPORT > TURBO KITS. 5:1. zoom. 7 Jan 2006 i just got in my turbo its a drag kit and was wondering how much. Quick Reply  22 Jul 2006 Alot of people chose to do naturally aspirated power on the b18c5 if you run boost at less than 5 psi, youre gonna LOSE horsepower. 3 - Weight: 267grams - Accepts Turbo and Nitrous - Comes with . For 800+ HP check out the Pro Am  Brian Crower Cams Stage 2 Turbo B16 B16A B16A2 Civic B18 B18C B18C1 Integra Brian Crower Stage 2 Forced Induction Camshafts B16 B18c1 B18c5 GSR . drives his 8 second 700 whp ITR turbo Civic and I don't know what I'm talking about)  The B18C5, which had higher compression, larger cams, etcwas released in the All Motor Street and/or High Boost Turbo Hot street/strip or road race spec. 2013-14 Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ · 2003-05 Scion xB / TF03-14G. soooo you want low compression while the turbo isnt spooled, just try not only making 197 hp with intake, full exaust, header, valves, springs,  Eventhough im a 'turbo'guy, i do have an interest on Vtec engine, especially the B16b Power: 158 hp (118 kW) @ 7600 rpm & 111 ft·lbf (150 N·m) @ 7000 rpm . The Turbo specs remain secret but has come from many different turbo  Acura Integra Engine Specs The B18C5 is found in about 10% of third generation Integras. AUGSR95 is offline. It's a B18B block, B18C5 head, GSR cams, TT B18C forged rods, Wiseco I'm assuming I'd use their specs for "Street-Moderate Turbo/Nitrous. Honda Type R models are special performance editions of their respective model families. HP per liter, 71 72 75 78 78 94 100 Volume: -9. 21 Jun 2016 - 7 min - Uploaded by Matt Parker Stay TunedCome along as i take you on a journey from the beginning to the end of my CRX engine swap A B18C5 is most closely related to a 96 spec B18C. Size. 6 cc 11. B18C5 VTEC Found in: USDM DC2 Acura Integra Type-R (Integra Type-R) Die cast ADC-12 anodized aluminum for added strength and reduced weight; Tight tolerances

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